9 ingredients for your November specials menu - Inapub 2016

9 ingredients for your November specials menu - Inapub 2016

Oliver Sanders, head chef at The Kings Head in Letheringsett, Norfolk is hot on seasonality and is on hand with a list of ingredients for November plus how to cook them.

What fruit and veg should I use?

  • Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Kohlrabi
  • Squash
  • Nuts
  • Cobnuts

What meat or seafood should I use?

  • Game – French partridge
  • Muntjac deer
  • Sea trout

How can I turn them into best-selling dishes?

French partridge

We use French partridge as the British variety is slightly endangered.

Take the legs off the bird and braise it in beer, we use a local ale. You can serve this with a bread sauce. You can also pan roast the breast and then we serve it all with game chips, lemon & thyme.



These are smaller than regular deer. We make this into a small pie by braising the meat in red wine, thyme & tarragon and making our own pastry.

You can also remove the internal bits and make faggots, which you can serve with something like pearl barley.


How about a chocolate tart? We are making one using cobnuts which are just coming to the end of season now. These are hazelnuts before they’ve turned into hazelnuts. We roast them and make a puree to go with a chocolate mousse and local ice cream.

You can also make a great nut roast. We make one with chestnuts, but half the chestnuts are boiled in milk and half the chestnuts are roasted, so you get two flavour notes.


Serve it as a side dish by roasting it with with lemon and chili.

Sea trout

Fish don’t really have a season but we are using sea trout at the moment instead of salmon because it’s more sustainable. We serve it pan fried with Moroccan-style stuffed peppers.

- Bronya Smolen

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